How To Maximize Your Profits When Recycling Cans

4 March 2016
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Aluminum cans are the 5th most recycled item, and for good reason. They are relatively easy to find and collect and are a common item you have in your home. If you are looking for a fun new hobby that is both beneficial for the environment and a great way to earn a bit of extra money, then recycling cans may be right up your alley. Here are ways you can maximize your profits when recycling so you can enjoy your efforts while gaining a nice chunk of change in the process. Read More 

Preventing Roll-Off Dumpster Damage To Your Driveway

16 December 2015
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Roll-off dumpsters provide a convenient way to gather and dispose of large amounts of waste materials, making them a great option for construction projects or extensive yard work. If you're not careful, however, the container can cause damage to your driveway that may cost thousands of dollars to repair. Here's what you need to know to protect your driveway from roll-off dumpster damage. Pick the Right Time Depending on the material used to pave your driveway, there are times when placing a roll-off dumpster on the surface is inadvisable. Read More 

Top 5 Recycling Tips

12 August 2015
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Recycling keeps paper, glass, and plastic out of the landfills. Recycling should be an important part of your home routine, but it can be difficult to stick to. Here are five tips to make recycling easy and effortless: 1. Use recycling equipment. Home recycling equipment will make it easy to recycle. There are many types of home recycling equipment, including sorting containers, paper shredders, and aluminum can washers and crushers. Automatic aluminum can crushers will save you effort and make cans compact for easy disposal. Read More 

3 Ways To Figure Out If Gold Is Plated

15 July 2015
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In today's marketplace precious metals are worth quite a bit of money. And if they're just sitting around gathering dust, then it makes sense to take them to someone who can give you some money for them. Unfortunately, you run the risk of making no money at all if you bring in something that is only plated in gold. But how can you tell that an item is gold-plated if it looks just like gold? Read More 

Sunshiny Trash Solutions: Use Solar Power to Keep Your City Clean

16 April 2015
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You've no doubt heard of using solar power for everything from heating your pool to powering your vehicles, so it's no surprise that this field of green energy keeps growing.  The newest novel use of solar energy is to power a city's trash cans. These are not your ordinary trash cans that you might see on a city street because these cans harness the power of the sun to communicate and save cities money, manpower and energy. Read More